Could ubisoft+ be arriving on xbox platforms very soon? (2024)

Is Ubisoft plus coming to Xbox?

News Ubisoft Plus Launches Today On Xbox, Full Lineup And Price Details Revealed. Below, you'll find the full list of all 60+ games included with Ubisoft Plus on Xbox: Anno 1800 (Xbox Series X|S only) Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered.

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Is Ubisoft plus on Xbox Game Pass?

Sadly, Ubisoft Plus is not included in Xbox Game Pass, which is a shame considering EA's subscription service – EA Play – is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions. Players looking to take advantage of Ubisoft Plus will have to pay for a separate subscription to get access to the service.

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How much will Ubisoft plus cost on Xbox?

Sign up for Ubisoft+ Multi Access today and connect your Xbox account to explore the rich worlds of Ubisoft games. A subscription costs $17.99 USD (plus tax) each month and will auto-renew until canceled.

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When did Ubisoft plus come out for Xbox?

Ubisoft+ was eventually brought to Xbox consoles on April 12, 2023.

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Can you get Ubisoft plus on console?

What do I need to do to access Ubisoft+ on my console? Once you subscribe to the Ubisoft+ Multi Access plan, you only have to link your Ubisoft account with your Microsoft account to access your subscription and all your benefits on console.

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How much will Ubisoft Plus be?

$18 a month, which is on top of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and also costs more than an Xbox Game Pass subscription, despite having less overall games.

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How do I join Ubisoft+ on Xbox?

To do your account linking, here are the steps to follow:
  • On your Xbox, access Ubisoft+ page or a Ubisoft game page.
  • Click "Join Ubisoft+".
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the log-in.
  • On successful linking, a confirmation page appears to access the Ubisoft+ catalogue.

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How do I connect my Xbox to Ubisoft?

If it's active, please go to this link, Make sure you are logged in to your Ubisoft account, you will have to link your Xbox game pass account here. Once that's done, open the Ubisoft connect app then the game will appear there and you should be able to install or launch it.

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Is Ubisoft an exclusive Xbox?

The standard $14.99 subscription grants you access to the full library on PC, while the $17.99 Multi-Access allows subscribers to play selected titles across PC, Luna, Xbox and later PlayStation, even carrying over their sessions between platforms.

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How to get Ubisoft Plus for free?

First, visit this website to get free access to the Ubisoft Plus subscription. Then, click the "TRY FOR FREE" button and choose between PC Access or Multi Access to join. The second option is great if you also want to play selected games on Xbox consoles.

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Will Xbox get more expensive?

Microsoft will increase the price of its Xbox Series X console on August 1, 2023, in most regions, though the US, Japan, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia are excluded from this. The price hike is akin to Sony's earlier increase of the PS5's cost, so both manufacturer's flagship consoles are back in parity for the most part.

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Why won t my Xbox connect to Ubisoft?

This means that the Ubisoft account you are trying to link to an Xbox account has previously been linked to a different Xbox account, creating a permanent connection. If you see this error, please try to link your Xbox account to a Ubisoft account which has not been linked to any other Xbox account in the past.

Could ubisoft+ be arriving on xbox platforms very soon? (2024)

Can I play games I bought on Ubisoft on Xbox?

Yes, Xbox Game Pass members need to link their Xbox and Ubisoft accounts, and then download Ubisoft Connect before they can play Ubisoft games with their Game Pass subscription.

Is Ubisoft plus worth?

Out of all the subscription services out there, Ubisoft Plus really does offer up a fantastic deal. With a subscription, players get access to every single first-party Ubisoft game ever made (almost), at the highest level possible.

Who owns Ubisoft?

The Guillemot family has since raised its stake in Ubisoft; as of June 2017, the family held 13.6% of Ubisoft's share capital, and 20.02% of the company's voting rights.

Is Ubisoft+ included with Game Pass Ultimate?

Is Ubisoft Plus sold separately from Xbox Game Pass? Ubisoft Plus is not included in an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Unlike EA Play, which can be purchased separately, or as part of a Game Pass subscription, you'll need to buy Ubisoft Plus separately. Ubisoft Plus is also more expensive than Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

How do I get Ubisoft plus?

You can subscribe to Ubisoft+ using a credit card or PayPal* on the Ubisoft Store, or on Ubisoft+ tab of Ubisoft Connect PC.

Do you keep games after Ubisoft plus expires?

When your subscription ends, any games available in your library through Ubisoft+ will become unavailable. Purchasing the game will give you full ownership of it, including continued access if you unsubscribe from Ubisoft+.

What rank is Ubisoft plus?

There are four ranks for Ubisoft+ rewards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You will progress through these ranks over time by being part of Ubisoft+. Your rank starts as Bronze from the get-go, then levels up to Silver your 2nd month, Gold your 4th month, and finally, Platinum your 7th month in Ubisoft+.

How much is Ubisoft Plus USA?

PC Access costs £12.99/$14.99/€14.99 per month, and gives players access to the premium editions of all new releases on day one, as well as the entire Ubisoft back catalogue via Ubisoft Connect, and monthly cosmetic items. The Multi Access membership is £14.99/$17.99/€17.99 each month.

How do I use Ubisoft plus on Xbox?

If you subscribed to Ubisoft+ on a different platform and want to activate benefits on Xbox, you must link your Ubisoft account with the Microsoft account you use for Xbox gaming. To get started, select Join on any Xbox Ubisoft+ purchase page.

How do I access Ubisoft plus?

Open Ubisoft Connect PC. Go to the Ubisoft+ tab. Find the game you want to activate and select the arrow icon in the bottom-right corner of the game's tile. The game will now be activated and added to your library.

Why is my Ubisoft plus not working on Xbox?

Performing a full power cycle allows your console to shut down fully before restarting, and may resolve the issues you are experiencing. Unlinking and re-linking your Xbox and Ubisoft accounts may help resolve the issue.

Why can't i link Ubisoft to Xbox?

This means that the Ubisoft account you are trying to link to an Xbox account has previously been linked to a different Xbox account, creating a permanent connection. If you see this error, please try to link your Xbox account to a Ubisoft account which has not been linked to any other Xbox account in the past.

Is Ubisoft plus worth it?

Ubisoft Lovers Will Find Ubisoft+ Worth It on Xbox

If you mostly stick to Ubisoft titles, you're more likely to benefit from the service. If the platform isn't right for you, you're not spoiled for choice. There are plenty of gaming subscription services you can sign up to, with a lot of them offering cloud gaming.


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